Executive Director

  Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H.

Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H.

Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H. is an Independent Consultant based in Washington, D.C. Her expertise include qualitative research, trend analysis and relationship building, with a client portfolio ranging from clients in the health and beauty industry to entertainment and sports. 

For over a decade, Ms. Mbagaya worked for a number of organizations at international, federal, private, state and community levels. Ms. Mbagaya holds a master's degree in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, and a bachelor's degree in Biology from Boston College. 

Inspired Work

"As a constant learner, Research is incredibly appealing as it provides freedom to lend my expertise to distinct markets. With an industry-agnostic approach, I garner access to diverse networks that inspire boundless creativity in my consultancy. 

In conducting research, I collect and analyze relevant data, then interpret the findings to advance monetization strategies. In turn, my work hinges on collecting stories about people, places, and things, and identifying meaningful ways to evolve value-adding ideas."