Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H.

Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H.

Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H. is a Research Consultant with expertise in qualitative research, client relationship management and business development. Her portfolio ranges from clients in behavioral research as well as health and beauty, entertainment and sports industries. 

For over a decade, Ms. Mbagaya has worked for a number of organizations at international, federal, private, state and community levels. She holds a master's degree from George Washington University and a bachelor's degree from Boston College. 

Inspired Work

"My training in Research has been incredibly rewarding as it has allowed me to lend my expertise to distinct markets. Through its lens, I have garnered access to diverse networks and projects, which inspire boundless creativity in my consultancy. My work hinges on collecting stories about people, places, and things, providing insight for brokering relationships and reconciling clients’ interests."